Strategic Services

Strategic Services is a very unique and important part of the Planning and Community Development Department. It is another example of the consolidated efforts in Sanford and Lee County. Strategic Services provides for the mapping and data based management needs for Sanford, Broadway and Lee County. Many of its products can be found at Strategic Services County Site including tax map and parcel information, aerial photography, topographic maps, flood plain maps, Brownfield assessment data, and other important geographic information system (GIS) information.

Strategic Services is the repository for a wealth of demographic, statistical and other population related data bases. The Planning staff, other government agencies, and a wide range of public and private interests rely on Strategic Services for important information on Sanford, Broadway and Lee County.

Planning and Development also relies heavily on Strategic Services for real time planning services, research and graphic design. Strategic Services is an important part of the consolidated planning program for all jurisdictions.


Connect GIS allows users to look up such information as parcels, zoning, annexation history, census blocks, street centerlines, school districts, economic development zone, voter precincts, city council wards, county commissioner districts, hydrology, water lines, sewer lines, fire districts, watersheds, physical structures, railroads, city limits, extra territorial jurisdiction and much more.