Proposed UDO Text and Map Amendments

The Sanford/Lee County Planning Department is releasing the final draft of the amendments to the Unified Development Ordinance (UDO) for new residential development.

Project Objectives

The objectives for the project are to create regulations that:

  • Create a code for development that is focused on what the community desires rather than what is not allowed.
  • Focus regulations on how residential development appropriately addresses the public realm.
  • Promote a spectrum of affordable housing in both existing and future neighborhoods, with an emphasis on providing missing middle-income housing.
  • Identify opportunities to streamline the development review and approval process to the extent feasible.
  • Create best practices for development regulations that are effective, practical, and defensible.

The new residential development amendments are designed to guide new residential neighborhoods within the context of the adopted “Plan SanLee” Future Land Use Plan.

Draft Text and Map AmendmentsUDO Map Opens in new window

Read a summary of the major changes proposed in the draft text and map amendments to the UDO here. View the full draft UDO for new residential development, including the proposed text and map amendments, below:

Public Comment

The public is invited to submit comments, questions, or concerns about the proposed final text and map amendments to the UDO for new residential development using this form. Staff will review and take into consideration all submissions.