Transportation Signage & Signals

Street Lights

On city maintained streets, the city is coordinating our efforts with the power companies to enhance street lights which are being installed at every intersection and approximately every 150-200-feet on streets, bringing our system to AASHTO standards. This also includes decorative lighting.

A street light is also required on a dead-end street that is over 200 feet long and on all cul-de-sacs. Additionally, the city may have additional street lights installed if such lighting is needed in sharp curves that may create a safety hazard for motorist.

To report a light outage, call 919-775-8247 with pole number and location information or call Duke Energy Progress directly at 800-452-2777.

Street Name Markers

The city fabricates, repairs, maintains, and installs all existing street name markers located within the city limits of Sanford.

Street name markers for new streets in the city limits must be purchased by the developer. For city streets that will be accepted by the City of Sanford, street markers can be purchased from the city by calling 919-777-1207 for a quote.

To report a damaged or missing sign, call the Public Works Service Center 919-775-8247.

Traffic Signals

The city owns and maintains four traffic signals located at the intersections of:
  • Charlotte and Oakwood
  • Gulf and Wicker
  • Oakwood and Bragg
  • Vance and Wicker
To report a malfunctioning light or crosswalk maintained by the city, call the Public Works Service Center 919-775-8247. For maintenance on state owned traffic signals, call NCDOT Traffic Services at 910-947-3930.

Traffic Signs

The city installs and maintains traffic signs on city maintained streets that meet requirements of the Manual on Uniform Traffic Control Devices (MUCTD) and the North Carolina Department of Transportation (NCDOT).

The city removes site distance obstructions, which are objects that substantially block the sufficient vision of drivers such as limbs. To avoid sign pollution, the city only erects traffic signs that are necessary to provide a safe travel environment for pedestrians, bicyclist, and motorist.

For more information or to report a site distance problem, call the Public Works Service Center 919-775-8247.