Division Overview

Engineering is a division of the Public Works Department in the City of Sanford. It is staffed with 9 people and is responsible for engineering design and plan review of extensions of the City's water, sewer and street system.


Construction inspection for those extensions is provided through Engineering to ensure compliance with City specifications, thereby providing the best product possible being added to the system, which reduces maintenance costs. We are also available to provide drainage advice to landowners.

Resident Support

Engineering provides information to residents, developers and anyone else interested in connecting to City water and/or sewer service. This provides the orderly expansions of the water, sewer and street systems. The result is orderly expansion of the system, which can serve the largest areas of land and minimize maintenance expenses in the future.

Internal Support

Internally, Engineering provides support to the other divisions of Public Works, e.g., surveying services to sewer and street divisions, technical advice to water, drawing and inspection services as needed.