Online Permits, Plan Reviews & Inspections

Welcome to the CSS Self Service Portal.  By registering with our Self-Service Portal, you can manage all your permit and inspection needs through your centralized dashboard.  The self-service portal allows you to:

  1. Apply for trade permits.
  2. Monitor the status of applications and permits. 
  3. Receive system notification emails throughout the permitting process.
  4. Upload and attach documents to your permit throughout the process.
  5. Schedule, manage and check the status of your inspections.
  6. The convenience of paying invoices online.

Effective October 1, 2023, House Bill 488 came into effect with the following changes. 

  1. The job value on any work being performed that would require a licensed General Contractor or Owner/Builder has increased from $30,000 to $40,000. 
  2. An Owner/Exemption Affidavit is required for any Owner/Builder proposing to take on a project with the job value of $40,000 or greater.
  3. A Lien Agent is required for any project with a job value of $40,000 or greater, unless the project meets the exemptions.
  4. A permit is required for any work proposed for residential or commercial structures for “the addition, or replacement of load bearing structures. However, No permit is required for replacements of windows, doors, exterior siding, or the pickets, railings, stair treads of porches and exterior decks that otherwise meet the requirements of the North Carolina Building Code, unless the job value is $40,000 or greater.