Building Permitting/Inspections Division

The Inspections Division provides the comprehensive permitting and building inspection needs of Sanford, Broadway and Lee County. Operating under the North Carolina Building Code, this division provides permit applications, plan review, building permits, inspections services and applicable approvals for all residential, commercial and industrial construction.

Permits may be obtained from the Inspections Office daily from 8:00am - 4:30pm.

Important Phone Numbers

  • Numbers to know during the inspection process:
    • City of Sanford/Lee County Inspections Office: 919-718-4654 ext. 0
    • Lee County Fire Marshall's Office: 919-718-4670
    • City of Sanford/Lee County Community Development Department: 919-718-4654
    • City of Sanford Engineering Department: 919-777-1122
    • City of Sanford Fire Department: 919-777-1300
    • Emergency After Hours Phone Number: 919-718-4653