Recycling Policies & Procedures

All City of Sanford households should receive one blue 96-gallon roll-out recycling cart. The City of Sanford owns these carts. Waste Industries a GFL Company owns the brown 96-gallon waste carts.

The blue recycle carts and brown waste carts are picked up on the same day of the week; however, recycle carts are collected biweekly. Carts should be placed at the curb approximately 5 feet apart.

Waste Industries a GFL company has a separate truck that comes out to pick up recycling materials.

Recycling Policies

  • Leave approximately 5 feet of space between recycle carts and waste carts.
  • Cut cardboard down to 2x3 feet and place in recycle cart.
  • Do not bag recyclables.

Report a Problem

If you do not receive a blue recycling cart, or you need repair or replacement of a cart, contact the City of Sanford Public Works at 919-775-8247.

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