Petition for Annexation

When developments occur that involves extension of City water and sewer mains, the owners are requested to petition for annexation into the city limits. A petition for annexation must be signed by all owners of the property, and if a corporation, by the proper officers with the corporate seal.  Please contact David Montgomery at 919-718-4657 Ext. 5392 to talk about the annexation process in more detail.

Boundary Survey

A boundary survey prepared by a licensed surveyor is required along with a written metes and bounds description for annexation of property into the Sanford City Limits. The survey should tie to existing city limits and show existing and new city limit boundaries. The following items must be included on the map.

Two Mylar copies of the map are required. The written legal description should be provided on diskette in a file compatible with Windows and Microsoft Office so that City staff will not have to retype it.

City Council

The process normally takes 3 City Council meetings, including a public hearing on the petitioned annexation. After the property is annexed, an additional public hearing may be required to establish an appropriate city zoning classification if the property was previously in Lee County’s zoning jurisdiction.

The City Council normally meets on the first and third Tuesday of each month. Public hearings by the Council and Planning Board for zoning matters are conducted on the third Tuesday. An annexation petition needs to be submitted ten days in advance of the Council meeting. This lead-time allows opportunity for review by the Law and Finance Committee, if needed prior to the Council meeting.

Please note: The applicant shall be responsible for all fees in regard to recordation and advertising of annexation requests.