Business Licenses

Privilege License

The City of Sanford does not require businesses to obtain a privilege license to operate. However, the Lee County Tax Administration Office has requirements for businesses operating within Lee County. Visit their website here.

Beer / Wine License

A City of Sanford Beer and Wine application must be completed in its entirety and be accompanied by a copy of the state ABC license to apply for a local license. Contact the Inspections Department at 919-718-4654 to get started.
Beer and Wine Fees

  Malt Beverage (Beer) Wine Total
On Premise $15.00 $15.00 $30.00
Off Premise $5.00 $10.00 $15.00

Peddlers / Itinerant Merchant License

A peddler is a merchant who travels door-to-door for the purpose of selling or taking orders for goods, wares, or merchandise. An itinerant merchant is a merchant who does not have a permanent location in the city and sells goods for fewer than six consecutive months.

Every person proposing to conduct, carry on, or pursue the business of peddling, or of an itinerant merchant, or of a transient vendor, or begging or soliciting alms within the city, must apply to the city for a license and pay a fee. For more information, please view the Peddler/Itinerant Merchant Ordinance (PDF).

The application shall remain on file for a minimum of 30 days before the license is issued. The license shall be valid for one year only.

How to Acquire a Peddlers License

  1. Submit a Completed Application to the Revenue Department or online:
    225 E Weatherspoon Street
    Sanford, NC 27331 
  2. Present a valid driver's license or I.D. for the person who is selling
  3. Pay a $100 registration fee per applicant

How to Acquire an Itinerant Merchant License

  1. Apply for a Temporary Use Permit from the City of Sanford’s zoning division by calling 919-718-4663 ext 5398 or visiting:
    115 Chatham Street
     Sanford, NC 27331
  2. Pay a $100 registration fee per applicant.
  3. Present a valid driver's license or I.D. for the person who is selling.
  4. Submit a completed application to the Revenue Department:
    225 E Weatherspoon Street
     Sanford, NC 27331
  5. Submit a signed letter from the property owner giving the applicant permission to sell on the property.


Each cab shall be inspected by the police department. Contact Harold Layton for forms and to schedule an inspection 919-775-8266. The company must provide a list of taxis along with proof of insurance for each taxi.