Friends of Sanford

Regular Meetings

Friends of Sanford, Inc., will meet as needed in the Buggy Conference Room, Buggy Building, located at 115 Chatham Street, Sanford. The annual meeting will be held on the second Thursday of July annually at 6:00 p.m.


Friends of Sanford, Inc. is a 501(c)3 unit of the City of Sanford formed to allow the public to have a voice in Sanford’s growth. Some actions of the organization might be to:

  • Develop, maintain, improve, expand, erect, enhance, support, preserve, fund, encourage, and sustain public parks operated and owned by the City for the benefit of its users and the general public;
  • Aid, encourage, and advise in the maintenance and operation of the recreational facilities;
  • Acquire, hold, improve, preserve, develop, and restore facilities and real estate for recreational, historical, or charitable purpose use by the general public;
  • Commission, develop, install, secure, and fund art works and art pieces, to include, monuments, murals, sculpture, decorative, or educational pieces, works, or elements to improve public spaces;
  • Restore, renovate, build, develop, rehabilitate, improve, and revitalize historic buildings, structures, and facilities for public use;
  • Solicit and receive gifts, grants, subscriptions, devises, or bequests of real or personal property, from public or private sources, in order to carry out the purposes of this corporation; and hold, sell, dispose of, invest or reinvest such funds or properties in any manner as the corporation may deem appropriate for achieving the purposes of the corporation; and maintain revolving funds for purposes of carrying out the activities set forth herein;
  • Support, encourage, fund, develop, improve, enhance facilities and programs to benefit the homeless and disadvantaged residents of the area; and
  • Provide, develop, maintain and enhance shelters, feeding, clothing, and other activities or programs to support the homeless and disadvantaged residents of the area.

Board Overview