Special Event Permit

The City of Sanford requires that all parades, picket lines, festivals, special events, and group demonstrations must apply for a Special Event Permit. Read the City's special events ordinance here.

Important: A Special Event Permit is not necessary for events on private property. A Special Event Permit is only for events affecting public sidewalks or streets. No permits are issued that may violate an existing ordinance (such as waivers of the City's noise ordinance).

All event organizers should review this information prior to applying for a Special Event Permit, so as to make the process as efficient as possible.

Special Event Requiring Street Closures

Parades, road races, benefit walks, and other events requiring closure of a street or sidewalk inside Sanford's city limits must follow the procedures outlined here.

Note: Special Event Permits involving street or sidewalk closures must be approved by Sanford City Council. Permit applications must be submitted 60 days in advance.

Other Special Events

Picket lines, group demonstrations, festivals, and other special events not requiring a street closure should complete the Special Event Permit Application and submit it to the Sanford Police Department. 

Note: Approval of these events is at the discretion of the Sanford Police Department. Special Event Permits that do not involve street/sidewalk closures do not require approval by Sanford City Council.