Sanitation Services Policies & Procedures

Services Included

Sanitation service includes one weekly pickup of a brown, 96-gallon, roll-out garbage cart at residential locations only and every other week collection of a blue, 96-gallon, roll-out recycling cart.
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Commercial locations can contract with Waste Industries or another provider for garbage collection. Apartments have the option of roll out carts or dumpsters. Commercial accounts must arrange for private collection.

Trash Collection Procedure

Waste Industries uses an automated one arm truck to service your 96-gallon trash receptacle and recycling cart. The automated arm will reach out and lift the container and dump into the truck.

Carts must be placed at the curb with the opening of the lid facing the road and cart turned straight (wheels facing the house). A sticker with an arrow will be placed on your cart. Please point arrow toward the street.

Please note the following when placing your trash receptacle:
  • Do not place cart next to or in front of your mailbox, parked cars, power poles, fire hydrants or any other large objects.
  • Do not place recycle cart directly beside the cart.
  • Please cut cardboard down to 2x3 feet and place in recycle cart.
  • Do not put a bungee cord on the cart to keep the lid closed.
  • Do not bag recyclables.
  • Please make sure that all trash is placed inside the cart and bagged to assure that there is no spillage or blown trash.

Benefits of Procedure

By adhering to these procedures the entire City benefits in the following ways:
  • All waste inside of the carts, therefore improving the appearance of the City
  • Driver remains in the truck and improves traffic flow
  • Efficient quick removal of your solid waste
  • Minimization of injury to the driver

Request an Additional Cart

If you have more waste than the 96-gallon cart will hold or have questions, please contact Waste Industries in Fayetteville, North Carolina at 866-423-4122. There is an additional cost for extra carts.