1. Billing, Collections, & Customer Services

    The major purpose of the Revenue Department is to provide administrative and clerical services for the billing and collection of water and sewer customers; water, sewer, and street assessments; ordinance violations (parking, noise, animal control, etc.); privilege licenses; and prepare all required notices.

  2. Code Enforcement

    The Department enforces a number of ordinances for the City of Sanford. These include public nuisances, which are conditions deemed to be detrimental to the health, safety or welfare of citizens, such as overgrown grass, trash, health and fire hazards, and abandoned, junked or nuisance vehicles.

  3. Finance Department

    The Finance Department is responsible for insuring the accountability of public funds and for managing all financial operations of the City.

  4. GIS

    Strategic Services is a very unique and important part of the Planning and Community Development Department. It is another example of the consolidated efforts in Sanford and Lee County. Strategic Services provides for the mapping and data based management needs for Sanford, Broadway and Lee County.

  5. Human Resources

    The City of Sanford Human Resources Department oversees and coordinates the human resources programs and services for City employees.

  6. Information Systems

    The Information Systems department is responsible for the design and implementation of all City of Sanford Systems, including servers, personal computers, networking equipment, software and all peripherals.

  7. Inspections Division

    The Inspections Division provides the comprehensive permitting and building inspections needs of Sanford, Broadway and Lee County.

  8. Planning & Community Development

    The Planning and Community Development Department is a consolidated multi-jurisdictional and interdisciplinary agency serving the City of Sanford, Town of Broadway and Lee County.

  9. Public Works

    The Public Works Department strives to provide essential and quality-of-life services to the citizens of Sanford in the most courteous, convenient and cost-effective manner.