What is the purpose of a bond referendum?

Under North Carolina law, a local government holding a referendum for the purpose of issuing general obligation (G.O.) bonds must specify general categories of capital projects for which bond proceeds may be used. Within these categories, a local government may identify specific projects that are intended to be funded by the bond proceeds - the “bond package.”

However, due to the lengthy process involved with identifying, designing, and implementing projects, as well as the lack of detailed cost and other project information available at the time of the bond referendum, the specific projects identified in the bond package may change over time.

The question that the actual bond referendum therefore asks of voters is whether they authorize local government to use the G.O. bonds as a financing tool for the general category of projects up to the amount specified in the question. 

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1. What is a bond referendum?
2. What is the purpose of a bond referendum?
3. Why use bond financing for these projects?
4. How much would the City issue in bonds?
5. Does this mean the City will wait 7 years to begin these projects?
6. Can I vote for some bond issues but not others?
7. What is the total tax rate implication for each bond referendum question?
8. Will taxes be applied to real property, only?
9. What happens if the bonds don’t pass in September?
10. If voters don’t approve the bonds, does this mean that the City Council will be prevented from raising property tax rates in the future?
11. Given the condition of the economy, is now the right time to vote on these particular bond initiatives?
12. If the items included in the bond referendum are approved, how quickly would the projects begin?
13. If the items included in the bond referendum are approved, in what order would they begin?