Process for Utility Extensions

Water and/or Sewer Extensions

There are two methods for extending utilities (water or sewer) to residential properties that do not currently have access.  In both cases, the costs of the extension are paid for by the homeowner(s).

  1. Homeowner – If a homeowner, or group of homeowners, are interested in a utility extension, the City will design and permit the work.  The homeowners would hire a licensed utility contractor to do the work and the City would inspect it.   Upon completion, the City would take ownership and maintain the utility.
  2. Petition – If a homeowner requests City involvement in the utility extension, the City will put together a petition that will be circulated among all the benefiting homeowners.   If a majority of the benefiting property owners sign on, and if the work takes place, then each benefiting homeowner would be assessed their portion of the cost.   This option is a long process, usually taking more than a year to complete, if successful.   For more information, please see the Petition Process Summary for more detail.

Please contact the Engineering Division at 919-777-1122 if you are interested in either option.