Electronic Draft

Automatic Electronic Bank Draft

As a convenience to our customers, we offer automatic electronic bank draft for utility payments. We have the capability of handling electronic transfers of monies from your account to the City’s account. Using the draft method is more than a convenience; it also saves on postage stamps, envelopes, and gas for your car. With electronic draft, you will save time and still have control over both your bank account and utility bill. If you’re tired of checks lost in the mail or forgetting to pay your bill on time, sign up today for this free service. Get on board with a lot of other customers who let the bank worry about paying their monthly utility bill.
You may designate a checking or savings account for electronic draft.

You will continue to get a bill each month that will show you the details of your account. Should you have a problem with the bill, (ex: a leak), you can request a correction before the draft date.

Procedures for Signing Up for Bank Draft

To sign up for bank draft, fill out the Electronic Bank Draft and upload a copy of a voided check.