Reporting Wastewater Spills

Importance of Reporting Spills

Spills are damaging to the environment and unhealthy to humans and animal life. To report a spill from manholes, clean outs and in to creeks, please call 919-775-8247 Monday-Friday 7am-5pm and 919-775-8268 after hours, weekends and Holidays

By working together, we can keep our environment healthy and the wastewater system "operating properly." Let's all do our part.

Cause of Wastewater Spills

The following can cause wastewater spills:

  • Damage to the wastewater lines
  • Incompatible items discharged into the system
  • Mechanical and structural failures
  • Power outages
  • Rain and infiltration
  • Vandalism

System Performance Reports

The City of Sanford Wastewater Collections Department and the Wastewater Treatment Plant provide an annual report of system performance to the State and to the system customers. This is published annually and can be viewed at the Public Works Department in the City of Sanford Municipal Center or view the Annual Wastewater Reports online.