Water & Sewer Connections

The City of Sanford Engineering Department handles the process of connecting residential and commercial properties to city water or sewer. 

Customers may initiate a request by utilizing the online application below, or calling 919-777-1122/919-777-1118. Staff will gather all necessary information and forward the completed application to the Customer Service Department for account activation and payment processing.

Customers will need to mark the preferred tap location with white spray paint. 

Please note that the City of Sanford does not install cleanouts for any commercial properties. 

 3/4" Domestic Tap $950 
 3/4" Irrigation Tap $950 
 Taps larger than 3/4" Estimate required  
Residential Water Tap Online Application
All taps include meter installation

 4" tap               $1250            
Residential Sewer Tap Online Application

*All commercial property taps are estimated are done at cost. Contact engineering to initiate an estimate.

 3/4" $125
1"   $189
 2" $714
 3" and larger                                    Estimate required
Must be installed by a contractor
Residential Meter Set Online Application
 Commercial Meter Set Online Application
All meters must be obtained from the City of Sanford.  

 CLEANOUTS $200             
 Cleanout Service Installation Application
 **Select Sewer Cleanout in drop down list under Sewer Service Requested

Blockage Complaints

The City maintains all wastewater mains, in-street rights of way, and rights of way that cross private property. The City does not maintain commercial or residential service laterals to include the connection. This is the responsibility of the property owner. As most blockages occur in the smaller, lateral service lines, the property owner needs to assure that these are open before calling the City with a blockage complaint.

Questions or Concerns

If, after checking your line, you still have a problem, please call the Public Works Service Center at 919-775-8247.