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Water Reclamation Facility

The Wastewater Treatment Plant has a permitted capacity of 12 million gallons per day.  The plant is an advanced treatment Facility (BNR - Biological Nutrient Removal) with a state-certified laboratory, pretreatment facilities, aeration tanks, clarifier, filters, UV (Ultraviolet disinfection) system, and solids handling facilities.  The treated wastewater discharges through an outfall pipe into the Deep River near Cumnock and surrounding areas.  The solids are removed from the wastewater and are applied to permitted farmlands in the surrounding area.  The solids provide moisture, nutrients, and conditioning to the soil for farmers. 

The wastewater plant has a Reuse water program that send. treated water to the golf course for the irrigation of it's fairways during the summer months.  This reduces the amount water that is sent to the Deep River.

The Wastewater Plant's pretreatment program monitors local industries that discharge into the collection system to insure that nothing is released that could be hazardous to the collection system or the treatment plant.

Scott Siletzky, Administrator

Jeff Cummings, Chief Operator

Sarah Jordan, Pretreatment Coordinator

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Annual Wastewater Report

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