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The goal of this department is to provide quality service, expand and maintain a wastewater system that will be sanitary and adequate through an effective construction and maintenance program.

The major function of the wastewater construction and maintenance division is to establish an effective wastewater collection program. This is to provide preventative maintenance to all sewer mains within the system. This is to include routine cleaning and flushing of all sewer mains, mowing and maintaining of cross country rights-of-way and various inspections for structural integrity of the sewer system. Other tasks performed are installation of service laterals for industrial and residential use, performing pinpoint repairs as needed, with major reconstruction performed by outside contractors. The division also performs routine maintenance and repair of sewage pumping stations.

Gerald Cox, Superintendent

Tips to Keep Your System Safe

Sewer Taps

Sewer Rehabilitation

Reporting Wastewater Spills

Fats, Oils & Grease "FOG" Program

Annual Wastewater Report



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Victor Czar became Public Works Director in 2008. Victor has been with the City since 1990.

The Public Works Department is located at 225 E. Weatherspoon St. in City Hall.