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R.V. Yarborough, Chief of Police

The Chief of Police oversees all divisions of the Police Department.

A.W. Poe, Assistant Chief of Police

The Assistant Chief of Police assists the Chief of Police in any manor necessary. The Assistant Chief of Police is also the Chief Detective and oversees the operation of the Investigative Division and Narcotics Division.

M.J. Thomas, Major (Field Operations)

Oversees the day to day operations of the Uniform Patrol Division.

J.R. Weeks MPA, Captain (Internal Affairs/Training)

Investigates complaints made against Police Officers. Answers directly to the Chief of Police. Oversees training for police officers including state mandated training.


The Communications Division of The Sanford Police Department provides Enhanced 9-1-1 for the citizens of Sanford and Lee County, North Carolina. The Communications Division also provides dispatch of the following:

  Sanford Police Department Lemon Springs Fire Department
  Central Carolina Advanced Life Support Carolina Trace Fire Department
  Sanford Fire Department Northwest Pocket Fire Department
  Tramway Rural Fire Department Lee County Fire Marshall
  Deep River Fire Department Sanford Public Works
  Cape Fear Fire Department Lee County Emergency Management
  Northview Fire Department

These telecommunicators work 12-hour rotating shifts. They work four (4) days (6:30 am – 6:30 pm), off for four (4) days, four (4) nights (6:30 pm – 6:30 am), and off for four (4) days, then returning to day shift.

All telecommunicators are EMD (Emergency Medical Dispatcher) Certified and must maintain their EMD certification through continuing education through Central Carolina Community College.

Community Policing

Community Policing is a policing strategy and philosophy that promotes pro-active problem solving and police-community partnerships to address the causes and fear of crime as well as other community issues. Part of the Uniform Patrol Division, officers of the community Policing Unit provide the citizens of Sanford various services that help to improve the police/public relations. Officers engage in a collaborative effort with the community to identify problems of crime and disorder and involve all elements of the community in the search for solutions to these problems. The Community Policing Unit offers the community a series of programs such as Community Watch, Operation Property Identification, National Night Out, Operation Child ID, bike safety programs and more.

Community Watch

Operation Child ID

Operation Property Identification

National Night Out

McGruff Safety & Crime Prevention Brochures

Detective Division

The Sanford Police Department's Investigative Division consists of 12 detectives and one staff assistant. The Detective Division investigates criminal complaints, Felony and Misdemeanor. After the uniform patrol division receives and completes a written report of a crime. The case is processed and assigned to a Detective who will investigate the complaint. Arrest any suspects when probable cause exists. And follow the case thru the court system. Which is District Court, Grand Jury, Superior Court, and any subsequent appeals that my follow.

The division investigates crimes reported by citizens, patrol officers, or crimes that they have developed themselves. Every detective is trained to work all types of crime, from larceny to murder. All are knowledgeable of local, state & federal laws, and search & seizure laws. They also must be proficient in interrogation and crime scene procedures.

Tractial Narcotics

The Sanford Police Departments Tactical Narcotics Team (TNT) works to suppress illegal alcohol and narcotics activity in the city through active investigations and enforcement of alcohol / narcotics laws and ordinances, and vigorous prosecution of alcohol / narcotics offenses. The units primary focus is the investigation of narcotic traffickers and the investigation of illegal narcotic and controlled substance sales, possession and use, including illegal use of prescription drugs.

Substance Abuse & Different Types of Drugs

Uniform Patrol

Uniform Patrol Officers of the Sanford Police Department are the “First Responders” for every police related complaint called into the police Department, Emergency and non-emergency.



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Ronnie Yarborough has been with the City of Sanford since 1971 and has served as Chief of Police since 1978.

Dial 911 for emergencies only, otherwise dial (919) 775-8268 for non-emergencies.