PO BOX 3729
225 E Weatherspoon St
Sanford, NC 27331




Sanford/Lee County Planning and Development
115 Chatham Street Marshall Downey, ACIP Director
919.718.4657 Angela Baker Administrative Coordinator
Zoning & Design Review Division
115 Chatham Street Amy McNeill Zoning Administrator
919.718.4656 Alexandria Voignier Planner II
  Holly Marosites Planner I
  Bill Morgan Planning Technician
Inspections Services Division
115 Chatham Street Chris Riggins Permitting Administrator
919.718.4654 Vacant Field Supervisor
  James Collins Building Inspector
  Larry Blickenstaff Building Inspector
  Paulette Harmon Permit Coordinator
Neighborhood Development Division
115 Chatham Street Karen J. Kennedy, MPA Administrator
Community Enhancement Division
115 Chatham Street Barbara McMillen Code Enforcement Supervisor
919.718.4652 Doyle Hubbard Code Enforcement Officer
  Ralph Holt Code Enforcement Officer
Downtown Sanford, Inc
115 Chatham Street David Montgomery, ACIP Development Manager
919.718.4657 Anne Sears Staff Assistant
Historic Preservation
115 Chatham Street Liz Whitmore Planner II
Comprehensive & Strategic Planning Division
115 Chatham Street Don Kovasckitz Strategic Services Administrator
919.718.4663 Jeanatte Rosser GIS Specialist
  William Cannady GIS Specialist
  Gene Hathaway GIS Specialist
  Renee Scott Land Records Tech



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The Unified Development Ordinance can now be browsed online.

Online permits, plan reviews, & inspections are now available for Sanford/Lee County.