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To help make the process of submitting plans easier, the City of Sanford / Lee County Inspection Departments (to include the Town of Broadway) offer this set of project review sheets. Spending a few minutes reviewing this check list prior to your submittal will help expedite your project through the review process.

Plans must be complete relative to the requirements listed below when submitted for permit review. Incomplete plans will be returned. Major revisions which require a re-review after permit issuance may cause the permit to be voided and require a new submittal and be subject to additional fees.

Project review time depends on the complexity of the project. Incomplete plans will result in a delay of permit issuance.

General Requirements

Architectural Plans

Structural Plans

Plumbing Plans

Mechanical Plans

Electrical Plans

Fire Protection Plans

Site & Zoning Plans



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Inspections Services is located at 115 Chatham Street.

Online permits, plan reviews, & inspections are now available for Sanford/Lee County.