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Sanford/Lee County Development provides staff support for The Sanford Historic Preservation Commission (HPC). The HPC works to protect Sanford’s architectural heritage by nominating properties and districts to the National Register of Historic Places, and establishing local historic districts where residents desire protection of their neighborhood’s historic resources. Sanford has four National Register Historic Districts, Downtown Sanford, Rosemount McIver Park, Hawkins Avenue, and Lee Avenue. Property owners in National Register Districts are eligible for state and federal tax credits for substantial rehabilitation projects, which are approved in advance by the State Historic Preservation Office. Sanford’s two Local Historic Districts are Downtown Sanford and Rosemount McIver Park. Property owners making changes to the exterior of their properties in local districts must obtain a Certificate of Appropriateness (COA) from the HPC. Staff issues COAs for minor works, and major works must be approved by the HPC at a public hearing.

Preservation North Carolina website recommends professionals for various types of preservation work.

Rosemount McIver Park Guidelines, Adopted

Historic Preservation Workshop Presentations

Rosemount McIver Park National Night Out Photos

Adopted Parking Regulations for Rosemount McIver Park Historic District

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Liz Whitmore, Planner II

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Liz Whitmore has been with the City since 2004. Liz became the HPC Planner in 2008.