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225 E Weatherspoon St
Sanford, NC 27331




A Firefighter's Creed

Give me concern for others

A willingness to seek out those in need...

Give me courage

The boldness of spirit

to face and conquer fear,

to share and endure the ordeal of one who needs me...

Give me strength

strength of heart,

to bear whatever burden

might be placed upon me...

and strength of body

to deliver to safety all those placed within my care...

Give me the wisdom to lead

the compassion to comfort

and the love to serve unselfishly

wherever You take me

and please, Lord, through it all be at my side.


History of the Sanford Fire Department






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Wayne Barber has been Chief of the Sanford Fire Department since 1996.

"Old Betsy" is SFD's 1925 American LaFrance Apparatus.