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How does the City of Sanford intend to use the Parks and Recreational Bonds?

These bonds are intended to be used to create an appealing and accessible public space. These bonds would amount to up to $2 million if necessary.

What makes up the $2 million of the Parks and Recreational Bonds?

  • Acquiring land and rights-of-way.
  • Renovating or constructing parks and recreation facilities and amenities.
  • Providing lighting, landscaping, and other necessary accompaniments.

What potential projects might the Parks and Recreational Bonds include?

  • Developing a park with water elements and interactive play areas.
  • Adding botanical areas, gazebos, and walkways.
  • Providing support features, such as parking areas, restrooms, and more.

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Want a City official or Council member to discuss the 2013 Bond Referendum at your next meeting or event? Call Kelly Quinones Miller at 919-777-1133 or email bonds@sanfordnc.net.




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