Streetscape & Pedestrian Improvement Bonds

These bond projects are intended to be used to strengthen and bring continuity to shopping areas in downtown Sanford and historic Jonesboro. These bonds amount to $9 million divided between the two downtowns.

View the Streetscape and Pedestrian Improvement Bond Project Informational Packet (PDF) for information about the City's plan for accomplishing this project.

What Makes Up the $6.5 Million of the Streetscape & Pedestrian Improvement Bonds

These bonds would be split between downtown Sanford and historic Jonesboro. Costs include:
  • Acquiring land and rights-of-way
  • Adding gateway and wayfinding signage
  • Providing landscaping and lighting
  • Relocating utilities; renovating sidewalks, curbs, and gutters; and adding pedestrian traffic signals and crosswalks

Potential Projects the Streetscape & Pedestrian Bonds Might Include

  • Street and intersection improvements for Carthage, Moore, Steele, and Wicker streets and Horner Boulevard in downtown Sanford
  • Street and intersection improvements to Lee Avenue, Main Street, and Trade Street in Jonesboro

Original Concepts

The Original Concepts renderings were the City of Sanford's original concepts for the Streetscape & Pedestrian Bond projects. Once the bonds were approved by voters in 2013, official design work began and the plan for the bond projects was updated (see above). Note that many elements remained intact, but others were updated for improved efficiency and cost. Plans shared here were originally included in the Downtown Enhancement Plan (PDF).