Greenways & Trails Bonds

Greenways & Trails Bonds Usage

These bonds are intended to be used to extend the Endor Iron Furnace Trail. These bonds would amount to up to $4 million if necessary. These bonds would only be used to extend the trail within the City limits, creating an urban trail.

What Makes Up the $4 Million of the Greenways & Trails Bonds

  • Providing lighting, landscaping, signals and markers, and other necessary accompaniments
  • Surfacing and paving greenways and trails
  • Acquiring land and rights-of-way to construct greenways and trails

Potential Projects the Greenways & Trails Bonds Might Include

  • Improving and expanding the existing greenway facility, located at Carbonton Road.
  • Extending the greenway down Wicker Street and up Carthage Street to meet back at the hospital
  • Extending the greenway from Wicker and Carthage streets through Historic Downtown, past old City Hall to Little Buffalo Creek through Depot Park to the Sanford Municipal Center
  • Extending paved greenway trail from Wicker Street to Central Carolina Hospital for the “Medical Mile”
  • Traffic signal replacement, pedestrian traffic signals, and landscaping
Proposed Green Way Map
Endor Iron Furnace Trail Greenway, Central Carolina Hospital portion of Medical Mile