Historic Districts

  1. Downtown Sanford

    The Downtown Sanford historic district is home to many properties that are important to the history of Sanford.

  2. East Sanford

    Discover information about the properties and landmarks located with the East Sanford Historic District.

  3. Hawkins Avenue

    Hawkins Avenue is a National Register District and consists of properties predominantly constructed from the 1880s to 1950.

  4. Lee Avenue

    The Lee Avenue Historic District is a seven-block long, L-shaped district that includes the 200-400 blocks of West Main Street, the 1900-2300 blocks of Lee Avenue, 2511 and 2517 South Academy Street, and 319 West Raleigh Street in the historic village of Jonesboro, now within the limits of the city of Sanford and known as Jonesboro Heights.

  5. Rosemount McIver Park

    View information related to Rosemount McIver Park including guidelines, event photos and parking regulations.