Water & Sewer Connections

Get Water & Sewer Information

Persons desiring information on accessibility of city water or sewer to their property and information on the process of tying on to city water or sewer should call the Engineering Department at 919-777-1122.


Please note the following in regards to fees for water and sewer:
  • Anything other than residential is classified as a business.
  • Property being served may be subject to additional fees based on location and "prevailing front footage rate." Contact city engineer for particulars.
  • Paperwork for taps should be completed in the Engineering Department at City Hall. Residents should be prepared to make full payment at that time.
Residential Taps
Inside & Outside City Fee
3/4 Inch Water Tap
4 Inch Sewer Tap
Commercial Taps
Inside & Outside City Fee
Water Tap
At cost $950 minimum
Sewer Tap
At cost $1,250 minimum
3/4 Inch Meter Set
At cost $125 minimum
Meter Adjustment
At cost $75 minimum
Sewer Retaps
The City maintains all wastewater mains, in street rights of way, and rights of way crossing private property. The City does not maintain commercial or residential service laterals to include the connection. This is the responsibility of the property owner. As most blockage occur in the smaller, lateral service lines, the property owner needs to assure that these are open before calling the City with a blockage complaint.

If, after checking your line, you still have a problem, please call the City of Sanford complaints department at (919) 777-1202 and someone will be dispatched to your location.